Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold …. Hidden somewhere in Snohomish County!

A new clue will be posted here daily for a chance to find the Pot of Gold.  The winner who finds the Pot of Gold will receive a $500 Dwayne Lane’s Auto Family Gift Card and a $500 Shawn O’Donnell’s Gift Card.

Contest Dates: March 9th – 17th 2020

You can also find Clues posted on our Dwayne Lane’s Auto Family Facebook Event Page.

All contest rules and details can be found on HeraldNet.com


Clues coming soon!

Clue #1 

Off we go- with year number three,
We’ve had fun with a park and even a tree!
But this time around- the series of clues,
Will spark an adventure, not give you the blues.
Keep track of them all- pieced together, you’ll be fine:
Start out by keeping to the West Side of Nine!

Clue #2

Keep in mind if you will, the ghosts of this hunts’ past,
For where it once was, you must simply pass.
Supporters include Shawn O’Donnell’s and Dwayne Lane’s,
And of course keep inside the Everett Herald’s readership domain!

Clue #3

A clover for later to help piece it together,
We think that this one will turn out quite clever.
In a community with richness in friendships and bonds,
We aim to support those who return such: with us they belong!
Those whom we reference are of dear relations,
A great supporter of O’Donnell’s- beyond just libations!

Clue #4

In case it’s not clear or you continue to struggle,
Let’s narrow it down to help you solve this puzzle.
You’ll have to consider those who wear protective suits-
If you want to cash in on the St. Patrick’s Day loot!

Clue #5

But which suit, you might ask- there are many to choose:
To protect and serve, or provide security and safety for you?
Well think hard if you will, to earn a few fun bucks
It’s us and Dwayne Lane’s- so focus on those who drive trucks!

Clue #6

Too broad? Of no help? Not getting you going?
You’ve got to pay heed to the direction you’re going.
North, West, East or South are of no relation-
You’ll need to identify the specific…station!
In case the last clues weren’t clear of who we admire,
It’s the Irish Heritage entwined with those who fight fire!

Clue #7

Our Celtic traditions continue with these stripes,
From the Emerald Society to their harmonious bagpipes!
The site that you seek to the public ‘tis open,
And respectful searching please, is what we’re hoping.
To hone in on the treasure, it will be revealed,
One of the stations shares the same city the first two

Clue #8

You now know the city and general vicinity,
Alas, we understand- specifics have come in quite minimally.
But brace yourself now for a plethora of details,
You’ll have to translate if you want to prevail!
You’ll have to get creative to make in make sense,
Suigh Síos agus féach thíos faoi au mbinse!
Don’t give up quite yet, in this hunt everyone is still alive,
Search near a Grave by the Sea at station whose sign number is FIVE!

Clue #9

If you continue to be perplexed and cannot solve our rhyme,
This last clue tells it all, so don’t waste any time!
The tricky part this year, which may have thrown in a wrench:
The stations sign numbered five… is actually a bench!
Sit if you will but don’t look to the skies,
The translation above is where the treasure still lies!
Thank you for playing and good luck capturing this lil’ wealth-
We hope you had fun and wish everyone good luck and great health!


  1. ‘Find the POT OF GOLD’ clues will be published in The Daily Herald beginning Saturday, March 9th, 2019. A new clue will be published each day through Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 unless the ‘POT OF GOLD’ is found before that date.
  2. Must be 18 years or older to win.
  3. The finder of the Daily Herald POT OF GOLD’ must bring it to Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill and Irish Pub, 122 128th St, Everett, during the hours of 8am to 8pm to qualify for the prize of: a $500 gift certificate from Shawn O’Donnell’s and $500 gift certificate from Dwayne Lane’s Auto Centers.
  4. The Daily Herald’s ‘POT OF GOLD’ must be in good condition when returned to Shawn O’Donnell’s.
  5. By returning The Daily Herald ‘POT OF GOLD’ and claiming the prize, the participant understands and agrees that The Daily Herald will use his/her name and picture in advertisements.
  6. Winner is responsible for all applicable state and federal taxes.
  7. If The Daily Herald ‘POT OF GOLD’ is not found by 11:59 pm, March 17th, 2020, The Daily Herald reserves the right to terminate the hunt.
  8. The Daily Herald ‘POT OF GOLD’ is hidden on public land, within The Daily Herald’s circulation area, but not on a golf course, school or in any municipal or government building.
  9. The Daily Herald reserves the right to discontinue The Daily Herald ‘POT OF GOLD’ Hunt at any time if public or private property is destroyed.
  10. No purchase necessary to win. Daily clues will be available for review in the office of The Daily Herald beginning at 10am on Monday, March 9th. Clues will be posted online at www.heraldnet.com by noon daily for review. All contest rules and decisions are final. Employees and immediate family members of The Daily Herald, Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill and Irish Pub and Dwayne Lane’s Auto Centers are ineligible. The Daily Herald’s independent contractors and their immediate family members are not eligible. A copy of these rules will remain posted in the lobby of The Daily Herald located at 1800 41st St, Everett, WA and online at www.heraldnet.com.
  11. No purchase necessary to enter. This contest is open to all U.S. residents 18 years or older except employees of The Daily Herald, Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill and Irish Pub and Dwayne Lane’s Auto Centers or affiliated businesses and their immediate families. The term “immediate families” includes parents, spouses, children (married or not) and their spouses. All winners will be required to execute a statement of eligibility, release of liability and a publicity release. Failure to do so will render a contest participant ineligible to receive a prize.